About Me

My Name is Allin Perreur-Lloyd. I am a strolling musician, designer, programmer, voice-over artist and cook of no fixed address.

I have over 10 years flash experience and have now moved over to html5, focusing on responsive design using jquery, css and php.

I am a Linux enthusiast and now only work on Linux in my own development environment and enjoy both the UI and stability of it.

Czech Republic

I co-owned a technology company in Prague, Czech Republic, which created everything from full flash cms systems to multimedia, print design, voice-overs and music.

I immersed myself in the piano for over ten years and now improvise classically and compose.  I’ve recently ‘plucked’ up the courage to learn some guitar but I feel that my next instrument will be the violin (neighbours, forgive me).

After Prague, I spent a couple of years working at an organic farm bakery, where I further honed my cooking and baking skills and did my best to learn about growing food in harsh conditions without pesticides or chemical aides, building ecological greenhouses and irrigation systems.


More recently, I was working in Denmark as a chef, learning from some superb Danish chefs, but still doing the odd web project on the side and generally enjoying the hyggelig nature of Danish culture. Personally,


I enjoy cooking anything from French to Chinese (via India naturally) and I have a passion for food, not just for pleasure but for health.

My focus now is on web development and voice-overs.  I have recording equipment enabling me to do quick turn-around voice-overs from anywhere in the world.


I am currently living in Spain and starting to learn Spanish (very slowly).

I speak English (native), Czech, Slovak, French (needs a couple of months) and Danish.

Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to chat :-) I have a clear, regionless British accent and a broad range of experience in voice-overs and narration. My voice is between tenor and baritone. If I had to describe my voice (which I do) it would be smooth, professional, clear, genuine and warm. I speak English (native), French, Danish, Czech and Slovak, as a consequence of having lived in those countries. I am currently learning Spanish (slowly). Please listen to the demos for examples of my voice. All music and words have been written, played and produced by me. Web Development I am an English web developer with over 10 years’ experience in flash, html, php and more. I co-owned a multimedia design company in Prague, Czech Republic, for 6 years, during which time I worked on several large-scale projects, including the Burzovni Palac (Stock Exchange) Asset Management system and Komercni Reality website, which compiled its listings automatically into pre-press-format, ready-to-print monthly magazine issues. Prior to that, I was the Creative Marketing Manager at Harris Walters Ltd. in the UK, where I led the software team developing The Strategic Planning Toolkit and subsequently The Business Empowerment Suite. I produced interactive CDs, music and voice-overs, among which was the “27 Antidotes to Conventional Wisdom” series, written by Richard Walters. With the disappearance of flash as a form of website, a lot of websites have become somewhat similar due to their need to be displayed on multiple devices with fickle browsers. I would like to bring some of that vibrancy back into the web domain and yet still use frameworks such as wordpress or other content management systems, to ensure responsive design and cohesive delivery of online identity and content. Node.js and Real-time Communication I'm currently working on a multi-user peer2peer audio/video chat room. You can try out and get in touch with me if you fancy. Just open the chat panel on the right, to try it out.

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